Bringing Your Business to the Internet

York Associates brings your business to the Internet by developing and publishing your information. York Associates takes your marketing materials, designs your web presence, publishes your web pages, updates your material, and keeps up with the web technologies so you can proceed in the right direction. (For a general explanation about what web services are, see York's Marketing On The Internet page).

Your Web Address
Your first decision is to determine what your Internet address will be.


Option A is called the Small Business Package and provides a cost-effective way to bring your business to the Internet. At only $50 per month, this package is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a Web presence.

Option B is called the Professional Services Package and provides your business with your own Internet address and e-mail address. At $100 per month, this package is more suitable for midsize and larger organizations that want to include the Web as part of their marketing program.

Specific Internet Services Provided by York Associates

  1. A Web Location
    York Associates provides your company with a location on the Internet, which is maintained by York Associates.
  2. Quality Pages to Represent Your Company.
    York will design and format all of your pages assuring the highest quality and effectiveness. For examples of York's techniques, see York's Web Design Guide.
  3. Free Initial Design!
    Each contract with York Associates includes initial web design work for free! Depending on the contract, up to eighteen pages is included!
  4. A Feedback Form
    York Associates will create a feedback form to gather information about clients and send e-mail directly to you!
  5. Monthly reports
    York can provide monthly reports of how many people visited your site and which pages they looked at.
  6. Web Search Validation
    York will submit your site to each of the major Internet search services. York Associates will analyze new search databases, select key new ones, and automatically submit your site to them! York Associates will also verify your presence in each search engine on a quarterly basis and resubmit your address if necessary.
  7. Study and Recommend New Technologies
    The Internet and web technology is changing at a rapid pace. York Associates will keep you abreast of the current technologies and provide you with recommendations.